3 Important Tips for Girls at the Party

So, you have just got a chance to hang out with your besties and now you are finally preparing to go out. Like many people, you’re likely worried about your appearance (as most girls typically do when preparing). Everything else though, you’re pretty confident about.

But something so many people forget to remember is their teeth and breath before going out. Your dental health is a huge factor for your part with friends because they’ll quickly tell how cleanly you are on a day-to-day basis. So even if you don’t maintain a great hygiene routine and you’re messier than you’d like to admit, you should at least still make an attempt to take care of your teeth in the party. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on the path to successful hang-out with friends.


As a girl, your breath probably smells worlds better than any guy’s out there simply because, well, girls typically smell better than guys. And you likely don’t eat as much as guys. That certainly helps. But you cannot forget to floss. Why? Well, there could still be bits of food in your teeth that, while not visible, hide the contrasting lines of your teeth that really make them pop and look irresistibly good. Define that smile of yours by getting into every nook and cranny. You’ll be smiling a lot in the party, so you don’t want to skip this step.

Mouthwash and then pop in the mint

Oftentimes, people think that a single mint will do the trick to mask any hint of a bad breath you may have. So if you’re thinking about it so much, you may as well wash your mouth out with some listerine before you head out. You’ll tackle the art of freshening your breath and clean out any remaining debris you may have missed while brushing and flossing. Win win.

Be confident

Confident people are adorable. Don’t worry about your appearance or teeth at all while you’re out there with friends. Act natural, talk with your friends, be a good listener, and just smile often. This will work a lot more than you may realize, simply because it shows you’re into the party and you just want to have fun. These few tips are far more successful than anything else you may have heard simply because you’ll still be your natural self while also conveying a sense of genuine, caring character.

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